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Bedding plants

Our large range of bedding plants include beautiful coloured flowers like Busy Lizzies, Geraniums, Petargoniiams and Begonias. We also have Pansies and Primroses to brighten winter months, or you can choose hardy perennial plants and shrubs for long-lasting colour and impact.

Hanging baskets

The first step towards creating a lush beautiful hanging  basket is in choosing your plants. We stock numerous varieties such as trailing Lobelia, Geraniums, Begonias and Petunias. All our plants are vibrant and healthy which is essential for a successful, full-looking floral display.


Shrubs add structure and interest to your garden with large variation in form and colour. Our flowering shrubs will provide seasonal shows, our evergreen shrubs will give all year interest and our deciduous shrubs will boast vibrant berries and foliage. We have a large stock available including Rhododendron, Clematis, Honeysuckle and Jasmine.

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Flowering cherry trees

Flowering cherry tree (prunus) have enchanting blossom and vibrant autumn foliage. They are generally easy to grow, putting up with all soils except the waterlogged variety. The flowers are most abundant in full sun, but will still be spectacular in partial shade and the trees do not require pruning. Good examples of cherry trees are Kanzan, Kiku-Shidare, Amanogawa and Pissardii.

Coniferous trees

Coniferous trees (conifers) are often referred to as evergreens. The name is associated with trees that have needles instead of broad flat leaves. A coniferous tree is any tree that reproduces via cones. We stock many conifers including Macrocarpa Goldcrest and Arizonica Fasigiata.

Fruit trees

All trees that are flowering plant produce fruit which are ripened ovaries of flowers containing one or more seeds. We have a great selection of fruit trees including small fruit trees and dwarf varieties for smaller gardens. Our apple trees Mulus Paradis and Mulus Mulini are very popular, followed by our pear tree Pyrus Communis Pironi.

Ornamental Trees

Ornamental trees are a beautiful addition to any garden. They are considered ornamental by being less than 25 feet tall and distinguished by one ore more unique characteristics such as flower, foliage, bark or the tree's form itself. We have many varieties including our popular Laburnum (xwaterei vossii) and Sorbus Joseph Rock.

Christmas trees

We grow our own Christmas trees and along with holly wreaths we start selling them on 1st December.

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Composts, Grow Bags, Manure, Top Soil and Bark.
John Innes


Plant compost no 1

For pricking out or potting young seedlings or rooted cuttings. This compost has a carefully balanced nutrient content to suit most young plants and allow them to grow.

Plant compost no 2

For general potting of most house plants and vegetable plants into medium size pots or boxes. This compost contains double the amount of nutrients than in no1 compost to suit established plants.

Plant compost no 3

This is a richer mixture for final re-potting of gross feeding vegetable plants and for mature foliage plant. Also shrubs and interior planters or outdoor containers. This extra-rich blend of sandy loom, peat and fertiliser make a perfect addition to plants that have been well-established.



Multi purpose compost

Multi purpose compost can be used as a growing medium in pots, plant containers or raised beds. It can also be used in gardens to improve the soil by adding organic matter and nutrients to the soil structure.

Grow bags

The Evergreen Grow Bag is made from only the best Irish sphagnum moss peat. Combined with that of the Evergreen Fertiliser Pack, it ensures to provide an all-round multi-use. Ideal for fruit, vegetable and plants. Suitable for use in greenhouses, conservatories, balconies and patios.

Farmyard manure

Evergreen farmyard manure contains a rich and wide range of minerals and nutrients. Produced from composted farmyard manure with all its natural ingredients, it is perfect for enhancing existing soil which has poor structure or is low in nutrients, It adds rich organic matter into the soil, improves structure, texture, soil aeration and water retention.

Decorative chip bark

Evergreen Decorative Chip Bark consists of large bark chips that provide a unique and decorative background to plants, shrubs and play areas. Not only does it decorate paths and borders, it also acts as a weed suppressant and minimises garden maintenance.

Irish top soil

Irish Top Soil is a high quality screened topsoil. Perfect for gardens, vegetable plots, green houses and rockeries. The  top soil has been through a rigorous screening process removing stones and roots. It is taken from fertile agricultural land and is not from recycled material.


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